We create yoga classes and events that are accessible for people of all ages, body types, and flexibility. Our mission is to prove that yoga is for everybody. From easing tension in the body to reducing stress to promoting health and well being, there is something for everyone to get out of yoga.


We understand that some people may be intimidated by yoga studios. So we bring yoga to unique spots to pair it with brunch, craft beer, mimosas, wellness vendors, and hikes! We’re just trying to break down the preconceived ideas about what yoga is and what you have to be to do yoga.


Community will always be our main priority. We partner with small businesses, entrepreneurs, animal rescues, charities and other yoga teachers and studios to prove there’s no need for competition in yoga. We truly want everyone to succeed and live their best lives.


Rarely do I leave reviews; life is about choosing to try new things and understanding you are never guaranteed the best outcome. However here I go. Yoga has changed my life, I am able to say stuff like that opening line and mean it and without rolling my eyes. I have a pretty consistent practice. Bendy Jane yoga is the COOLEST opportunity for me to share my passion and a wonderful day with the women in my life who would definitely be intimidated by my hot yoga studio. Its a class where everyone feels strong and centered and you are invited and encouraged to practice at your level; whether that be first time yogi or seasoned vet. The energy these ladies bring to the table is light hearted, vivacious and generous. With that, grab your mat and your friends and book a class. Its a day you don't want to miss.

Nicole Waker
July 25

I used to do some yoga years ago in a very freestyle class. I was always laughing and left feeling uplifted. I've gone to yoga here and there and often felt unqualified for the level of practice. You girls brought me right back to the Joell Lanfrank days of yoga. I loved your banter and fun atmosphere, choice of music and little Karma giving doggy kisses. I left feeling more connected to myself, centered, happy and at peace. Thank you both. I look forward to another practice in your care.

Sarah Jo
April 29th

I took my first class this morning after not having practiced in about 10 years and being heavier than I used to be. I was super nervous because i didn't know what to expect. I had so much fun! It was rough getting back into it and stretching muscles you haven't used in forever haha but it was a totally relaxed atmosphere and Bridget & Justine are awesome. I definitely worked up a sweat but it felt great and i am looking forward to going to more classes!!

Stacey Lynn Regan
June 3rd

I had an awesome time at one their beach yoga classes today. Can't wait to do it again!

Jaclyn Wyrwas
July 24th

I always leave a Bendy Jane Yoga class feeling refreshed. Their classes bring you to unique locations with instructors who are outgoing and positive. And of course Karma always brings on some much needed laughs and smiles! Thanks girls for providing us with ”out of the box” yoga classes that enable me to focus some restorative energy into myself.

Rose Tonetti
April 29th

Thank you for a wonderful class at Manafirkin Brewery on Saturday morning 1/6/18. This was my first yoga class Ever!!! I was completely out of my comfort zone that morning and have not exercised in 8 years!!!! Ten minutes into class, I felt comfortable, relaxed, and at ease with my breathing, modifications, and techniques of Yoga. At the end of the class, I was pumped to start my new adventure with Yoga. I am excited to learn more and corporate Yoga into my daily life. I hope to improve my health and reduce/manage my stress levels with Yoga. Thank you for your welcoming nature and kind words of encouragement. I look forward to seeing you both in a future class and special events; especially with Good Beer!!!

Cynthia A. Craven-Quinn
Jan 8th